What Are Hemp Backpack & Why To Buy It?

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Hemp bag pack is made by one of the best fabrics-cotton and hemp. Moreover, this is one of topnotch materials that is used for the robust and firm texture of backpack to hold all of your stuff. Hemp is the material that is naturally made of hemp which is extracted from the Himalayas form Nepal. These bags are sold in a great number specially in Nepal. These backpacks are available in different colors and the sizes. The most famous ones are the laptop hemp backpack, school hemp backpack and the travel hemp backpack. In addition to this, hemp backpacks are very popular among the young people.

Since, everyone needs a solid bag pack on a daily basis to carry their valuable items, so this is the best option.  Hence these backpacks are very famous among the trekkers and they can carry with them while leaving for the trekking.

How the hemp backpacks are manufactured?

The natural yarns is the major constituents of the hemp backpack. This yarn is not the ordinary yarn this is the fiber that is extracted from the top heights 20 feet’s, this is the reason of its unique durability and strength. However, to make the hemp backpacks the plant is soaked in the water and after that stem is separated from the plant and then it is boiled as an ash in water. Moreover, the plant that produces the hemp is called as the Cannabis.

After the stem is collected it is separated into the thin layers. Since these plants are usually found in the western part of the Nepal majorly from the states six and seven; Rolpa, Bajhang, and the Bajura. Since, these foldable bag are usually handmade that is the reason that they are expensive than ordinaries. The villagers that live over there usually process the raw material and then they make it ready for the stitching work in the factory nearby. After that the highly efficient workers crafted it according to your choice and the demands. 600 grams is the optimum weight of the hemp backpack. However, the size ranges from the fabric you choose. This is the most time consuming and the most laborious task to perform. However, with the advent of technology this task has been reduced a lot and is usually done by the machine.

How to wash the hemp back packs

Since, after reading the delicacy of this bag people usually are concerned about its washing methodology. Since, these bags are usually hand washed in the home. But only wash it with the detergent powder or the organic soap. Don’t use the dishwashing detergents since, it is not suitable for the hemp back packs. Moreover, following are some of the important tips that when you follow you don’t need to send your bags to the laundry;

  • Soak your backpack in the hot water or the vinegar for 15 mins
  • Rinse by hand with the help of the detergent powder or the organic soap
  • After that dry it and it is ready to use

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