Turning Eighteen – Duties And Responsibilities

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Turning eighteen is a big deal. Prior to that you were always under the protection of your parents; you depended on them for food, clothing and protection. But when you turn eighteen, you are officially an adult. People will expect you to provide for yourself and take care of yourself with no outside help.

Legal aspect

Prior to turning eighteen, you were considered a juvenile. You were not considered as a person who is able to enter in to a contract or learn to drive Sydney. This is important as your higher education or sometimes a sport you enroll in could be treated as legally binding contracts. Before now, your legal as well as financial protectors were your parents or guardians. They had to sign a document for you to be able to work part time and enter in to any college or institute. They had to allow or permit for you to start a bank account and have an ATM card. But now, you are your own boss and you can go ahead with earning as well as paying, taxes, rent, fuel and more.

Privileges of being an adult

Apart from being legally fitto vote and open a bank account, there are many other benefits you are getting as an adult. You can also enlist in military and serve in a jury. Of course, it is well known that you get to get married and even divorced when you reach eighteen. You get so many other privileges such as being able to pawn something, apply for a loan, file a lawsuit and so on. Nevertheless, what you have to remember is that with these civil liberties, you get a lot of responsibilities as an adult too. Your younger siblings will look up to you and your parents and teachers will expect youto do the right thing. You can also look for your own wellbeing and start saving to buy a house etc. too.

Duty to your country

As an adult now, you have a duty to fulfill. It is not only to yourself; some seem to assume that after a certain age, if they can earn and live on their own without depending or disturbing anyone else, that will suffice. That is not the way to think; you will also be a parent one day and your kids will have to live in a world created by you. So it is your duty to fulfill the duties to your country, to your alma mater, to your family and so on. Continue your studies and embark on a career journey which you can serve the country with; try to work with social workers or engage in charity works.

Teach and learn on new things… There are so many things you can do as an adult now, apart from start drinking and taking driving lessons Ryde. It is a lot to take in when you are just eighteen. But with internet and other communication methods you probably know what awaits you. So there is no need to wait until eighteen to prepare to be an adult.

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