A Guide To Organizing A Successful Trivia Night On Your Own

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Oh hey there! Right, on the way to hit upon some trivia night? Or even better, that you are organizing it?
 Okay, whether it’s going to be quiz nights with friends, family or the complete unknown people from the city, there are certain factors that distinguish the good trivia nights from the best ones.But before we parachute or maybe dive right into the interest for the trivia night, go ahead and guess the answers to these. With which substance is sushi traditionally wrapped in? What is allspice alternatively known as?  Or maybe if that’s not your thing, do you know what came first the egg or the hen?

Did you know the answers to any of them? Now without any further ado; let’s get started with today’s discussion on how to organize one of the best trivia nights one could possibly.

First up on the list is to find the right spot for conducting the trivia night and how do we do that? Look at pricing and expenses? Look at the crowd? Look at the age group? Look at what exactly? Well, basically for finding the right spots in your city to hold your next potential trivia quiz has to be decided upon factors like what sort of people would be attending the event and what age group would it majorly comprise of. Also, it must be kept in mind that the teams should have a little privacy when deciding the final answers and hence the place should not be very crowded and must have space between each other. This ideal place can either be the friends’ place or a banquet or meeting hall.

Next, you must decide upon what the questionnaires must be based around and can be anything ranging from the general stuff to themed questions of comic strips.

Now, since you have decided upon the theme, it’s time to get the crowd by sending out invites either through the word of mouth or the new way or rather the now pretty established way of invitations on social media like Facebook or Google services.

And finally, don’t forget the most important part of a trivia quiz, the questions! Make sure you try at grabbing important, but interesting elements along with a bit of fun as no one would likely love being asked only about the Trojan wars, Plessey or Waterloo.Also, since holding trivia can be overwhelming, it would be a good thing to keep prizes which can be very small or very big according to the organizer and situation and hence keeping a scoring record to hand-out the right prizes. You can also look for entertainers for hire Sydney if you are unable to host them on your own.

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