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What is the worse than a sleepless and irritated night? The health of a person directly related to the amount and quality of the sleep he takes daily. If a person not take enough sleep then it impacts badly on the health, mood, and attitude of a human being. So, it is necessary to take a deep sleep and a quality sleep of at lest 6-7 hours on daily basis in order to spend a healthy and a good life. In winters, the chances of falling ill increases and eventually, we are unable to take required sleep due to environmental conditions. 

It is necessary to forecast and prepare for the upcoming cold weather so that you can deal with the worst situation wisely and do not fall ill in any situation but to enjoy the cool breeze. You should have an ample of quilts and warm bedsheet in your closets so that you can just grab them out whenever you need them.  

Luxor Linen has an online business of good quality bedsheets, quilts bed sets, covers etc. We are serving our customers for a long time and have a high long queue of satisfied customers. We deliver our products to your door steps in Australia. We have a diversified collection of Australian wool quilt which fits in all the weather throughout the year. 

Why Choose Luxor Linen: 

Following are the prominent reasons to give priority to Luxor linen among the pool of companies who are selling quilts. 

  • Quality: 
    The durability of the quilt depends upon the raw material used while manufacturing. We have made our quilt with pure sheep. We have a high-class service along with the quality. It keeps you super warm even if the temperature shows in negative. 
  • Anti-Bacterial: 
    Our quilt goes through various procedures before we give it a finished look. We sell and deliver the product after testing it carefully and make sure that our product has nothing which causes bacteria that eventually give you skin diseases. 
  • The shape and texture: 
    We specially work on the texture of the quilt as it lost its original size and texture after a lapse of time. Good news for the people who are residing in Australia as we are offering a wool quilt sale along with the whole range of house linen. 

GSM Merino Wool Quilt: 
We have a wide range of GSM merino linen which varies from 200/350, 350, 500 and 700. The original prices start from $99-$369 which is now drops down to $79 to $269. You cannot get a luxurious, stylish, elegant quilt in these prices so, what are you waiting for? Visit our website and pick your favorite quilt and make your life peaceful. We also offer free shipping if you buy $150+ worth products. For more information, please log on to

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