Why Should You Install Rubber Surface For Playground?

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Playground injuries are really harmful for children. They often fall from equipment and get injured resulting in fractures and head injuries. This not only happens in playgrounds, but also in schools. Though kids remain under strict observation in school, they are still not safe as accidents do not require long to happen. So, it is necessary to prepare a playground in a way that it is always ready to protect children. The surface should be one that keeps children safe when they fall from any plaything. At the same time, the material should be environmentally friendly requiring lower maintenance.

Rubber floor is no such thing that absorbs the fall impacts and EPDM surfacing keeps children safe. The rubber floor is made up of wastes, so it is definitely environmentally friendly as it reduces the quantity of wastes. There are quite a few benefits of rubber flooring and a school can enjoy benefits if it installs it in its playground.


Anyone will like to install something that will serve for quite a few years. Rubber flooring is sturdy enough to bear the pressure for years. It will not lose its shape. Even, extreme play or extreme temperature will fail to affect its quality. You will not need to change the flooring very soon as it will continue to provide good service if properly maintained.


Will you ever want anything that will need regular long hour maintenance? In a school, especially it is not possible to clean the playground everyday taking quite a long time. Like polysoft surfacing, rubber flooring lessens this hazard as it can repel dust easily. Swiping with a broom is enough o removes all the dirt. And it will clean enough with a wash with soap and water. So, you need not to spend anything extra for the maintenance of the rubber flooring of the playground.

Noise minimization:

If your school is at the centre of a locality you must be careful about the sound created by the children at play. Rubber is a material that absorbs sound. So, it will lessen the noise. The sound will not be completely eliminated, but will be reduced to some extent. The locality where people will be resting or busy at their chores will not face problem due to the noise at the school.


A playground for children should be attractive and vibrant. Rubber flooring is available in various colors. You can have logos on them if you want. Choose the color you want. There are also various kinds of thickness available. So, you can get personalized rubber flooring for your school.

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